Reasons Why you should Invest in Real Estate while Working Abroad


Reasons Why you should Invest in Real Estate while Working Abroad

In the 2019 survey results on Overseas Filipinos, there was an estimation of 2.2 million total numbers of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who worked abroad from April to September 2019. Those with existing work contracts or Overseas Contract Workers (OCWs) comprised 96.8 percent and accounted for 3.2 percent of those who worked overseas without a contract during the said period. This is the official number of Overseas Filipino Workers quoted by the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) and does not include the undocumented Filipinos. Most Filipino workers abroad prefer to work in the Middle East and Asia, such as Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Singapore. And most of their jobs are domestic helpers.

Where do OFWs often use their wages in working abroad?

Working abroad is not easy, even in our own country. It is difficult for us to find a job that will pay us enough for the needs of a family, But how about for our dreams in life? That is why most Filipinos go abroad to earn large amounts of money to meet the needs of their family. Many OFWs fail to work overseas, sometimes they are abused by their employers, and sometimes they are not fed. Some are lucky with their employers, who increase their wages due to diligence, and their employers are not neglecting them. But despite everything, they worked and endured hardship so that they could provide something for their families.

The income of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) is sent to their family in the Philippines for their children's education, daily expenses, monthly bills, household needs, and the future of their family.

Why do we need to invest?

First of all, what is the investment? Investment is the process of investing money or allocating money for profit, material result, or the expectation of a positive benefit or return in the future. You own an asset to generate income from the investment or the appreciation of your investment which is an increase in the value of the assets over a period of time.

What Filipinos often think about when it comes to investing is having large savings in the bank to get started. But in reality, you can start investing right away, especially in real estate property like Lumina Homes, an affordable house and lot in the Philippines that lets your family be comfortable living with their own home.

Reasons why OFW should invest in real estate

When we finished school, we looked for a job to fulfill our dreams, buy new gadgets and lift the family out of poverty. Looking for a good job abroad and struggling to earn a large salary, and to send something to the family, buy new things, and for the children's education, but after a week from payday, it just disappeared like a bubble. They say it was just passed through the hand. We are just thinking, where did my monthly salary go? What are my expenses? I was able to send it to my family for their expenses and my children's education, but on the other hand, is this the only cycle of having a big salary? If you are in that situation, it is the time that you need to gather your courage and start investing, especially in real estate. 

Why real estate? Why should I invest in real estate? Since this is one of the greatest investments ever, having your own house and lot can give you a sense of fulfillment and security. And If you want the long term, you can make it profitable by selling it for a larger amount or renting it out to earn money. Here's some reason why Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) should invest in real estate:

Property Appraisal.

Every property will increase in value. You will be surprised that the value of the property has increased. With the thought that "l will invest next time," then it's probably the value will increase whether you like it or not. So don't blame yourself and say, "I'm disappointed, I wish I had invested before," instead, invest now in the house and lot for sale in the Philippines.


According to Robert Arnott, "In Investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable." It's not like purchasing a new car that depreciates in value after a few years due to improving technology and when the vehicle gets older. But it is something that will grow the thing you have invested, making it profitable and increasing its value in the future that you will benefit from. That's the reason why real estate is one of the best investments anyone can make, as its value tends to appreciate over the years. You don't have to worry about losing its value over time when choosing to invest in real estate. This will give you more and better opportunities to earn profit in the future, like turning it into a rental property or reselling the property at a higher amount in the future and investing your money through acquiring things that offer the potential for profitable returns through appreciation of value. You allowed your money to grow.


It's so hard to earn money, and we have to sacrifice a lot just to have a high income to pay for our daily expenses, for our children's education, and for the future of the family. But as we work not only in our own country but also in other countries and as we earn, we are getting older, and we also think about what will happen to us if we are getting to the point of retirement? That's why investing is a big factor for the future of ourselves and our families, especially when investing in real estate property; you can live off funds earned from these investments at your retirement age.

Less Risk.

All investments are risky, but knowing the pros and cons of your decision will lessen the risk. Real estate is a wise investment, especially in the Lumina Homes, an Affordable House and Lot in the Philippines, considering the value of the property will increase no matter what.


Real estate is a tangible asset; you can improve the house, the structures, materials, make it expand or strengthen, and most of all, you can improve the value of the property. That's why real estate has many advantages in terms of improvement, and it can make real estate worth more by improving it.


Other investments, like cars, are quite difficult to manage and make long-term investments since they depreciate in value after a few years due to changing technology and obsolescence. But in real estate, you can buy a property and make it for rent and let it be, or if for yourself, you can make it as a rest house. The indication includes, make sure your house is built with quality.

May be assisted by the Government.

Pag-ibig Fund is for every Filipino worker a national savings program for financing. With Pag-ibig Fund, you are able to avail of affordable housing programs, or you can use it to build your dream home with a low-interest rate compared to others like banks.


There are so many reasons why you should invest in real estate while you are working abroad as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), but these are the key reason for investing in real estate, and you can consider it to decide right away and sinking it into your mind that each passing year, properties will continually appreciate its value and it is the time that you have to invest while you are earning much salary and also while you are still young. According to Geena Davis, "If you risk nothing, then you risk everything."